2 Brothers + Shields of Strength = Veterans Honored

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On October 20, 2016 CrazyFitBros partnered with Point 27 and Shields of Strength for one simple mission: to share the Word of God with Veterans and thank them for their service. Nathan and Todd Tetreault are the founders of CrazyFitBros, brothers, Veterans, and servants of Jesus Christ.

Nathan and Todd Tetreault pray with Veterans

Nathan and Todd Tetreault pray with Veterans

Nathan and Todd reached out to Shields of Strength through the help of their friend and brother in Christ, James Ellis and Blake Bradley. That eventually put them in touch with Colonel David Dodd, US Army Retired who serves as the Executive Director of Point 27, a Non-Profit organization with a mission to share God’s Word with members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, Military Families, First Responders, Athletes, and people battling chronicle illness.   Point 27 graciously partnered up with the brothers to be apart of the 2nd Annual Los Angeles, California Veterans Administration Stand Down.  An event where Veterans are offered medical, dental, and legal support, hot meals, blankets, and many other services to help better their lives’. More information can be found at https://www.va.gov/homeless/events.asp.

Shields of Strength Necklaces for Veterans

Shields of Strength Necklaces for Veterans

Point 27 gave 800 Shields of Strength dog tags, engraved with scripture, for the Veterans.  The dog tags were presented by Todd and Nathan with a firm hand shake and a sincere “Thank you for your service” greeting.  Todd and Nathan both said, “everyone needs to know Jesus and know that He saves.” God was definitely on the move as several Veterans said that the Shields of Strength booth was the most talked about booth at the event. “All glory goes to God, said the brothers.” There were roughly 700 Veterans touched with the Word of God as they each received their dog tag gift.  Hands were laid, voices were lifted up in prayer, and love was shared as Veterans gathered to receive their dog tags and a simple “thank you for their service.”

It was a successful day. The brothers were grateful to be ready, available, and equipped to serve the Lord. “It was such a blessing to hear what God has done in the lives’ of so many of these Veterans,” said the brothers.   “The stories they shared about how Psalm 91:1-2 carried them through the Vietnam War were moving stories of inspiration and triumph.” Among hundreds of Veterans was a Purple Heart recipient Navy SEAL from the Persian Gulf War era that shared his experience; to include,  how he lost all his brothers in his team to the war and how God saved him.

Crazyftbros with Veterans, standing is 90 years old WWII Veteran LeRoy Eckels

Crazyftbros with Veterans, standing is 90 years              old WWII Veteran LeRoy Eckels

Unexpectedly, the brothers were asked if they wanted some help.  Little did they know it was going to be a WWII Veteran who volunteered his time to help at the booth. Ninety year old, LeRoy Eckels volunteered his time to serve the Lord and hand out Shields of Strength to Veterans. LeRoy is a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  LeRoy saw the blake Proverbs 27:17 Shields of Strength T-shirts and asked to help at the booth. “It was such a blessing to have LeRoy help us,” said the brothers. “To see Veterans of different eras come together and share their stories and more importantly, their love for Jesus Christ is what it’s all about.  It’s amazing what God does when we obediently listen and desire to serve Him.  All glory be to God.”

Special thanks goes out to Shields of Strength, David Dodd, Blake Bradley, James Ellis, Michale Johnson, LeRoy Eckles, and Clyph Jean-Phillipe.

Photos by Clyph Jean-Phillipe.


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