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2021 Financial Report Review

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2021 Year In Review

2021 Point 27 Financial Review

Dear Friends,

Through your 2021 generosity and support, Point 27 shared God’s Word with 92,708 members of the Armed Forces, First Responders, and their family members in 2021, to include:

  • 64,811 Police and Border Patrol
  • 6,866 Soldiers
  • 6,355 Healthcare Workers
  • 8,707 Goldstar and Fallen Officer Family Members
  • 3,011 Firefighters and EMS
  • 990 Abused and sex-trafficked Women and Children
  • 214 High School Athletes
  • 1,754 Other

2021 was the deadliest year for law enforcement agencies in the nation’s history with 511 line-of-duty deaths (LODD). Death by gunshot was up 28%, death by automobile was up 28%, and death by medical reasons was up 31%. The men and women in blue need encouragement now more than ever, and you gave them hope, truth and strength.

For each Department with a LODD, Point 27 gave Thin Blue Line (TBL) dog tag necklaces engraved with Matthew 5:9 and Folded Flag necklaces engraved with John 15:13. The TBL dog tags were for the Fallen Officer’s fellow officers and the Fold Flag necklaces were for family members of the Fallen Officer.

We completely outfitted St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, and Austin Federal, State, and local law enforcement departments with Thin Blue Line Dog Tag necklaces engraved with Matthew 5:9. These officers wear God’s Word inches from their heart. They are never alone.

We presented God’s Word to 6,866 members of the Armed Forces and their family members, to include each of the families of the 13 Americans killed during the failed withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Point 27 remains an all-volunteer organization. This past year, our ranks grew from 34 to 44 volunteers with a total of 7,280 hours of service to others.

By supporting Point 27, you are strengthening and encouraging those who defend our freedom from external and internal threats: members of the military, law enforcement officers who protect and defend against criminals, and first responders of every kind. By sharing God’s Word with these brave men and women, you make an eternal difference in their lives and a critical difference in the quality of American life.

Thank you for supporting Point 27. Now reaching our eighth year, together, we have shared God’s Word with over 250,000 first responders, 510,000 members of the Armed Forces, and 38,000 family members of Fallen Soldiers and Fallen First Responders. In this new year of 2022—national and international uncertainties weigh heavily on the shoulders of our military, law enforcement and first responders and their families.

There is much to be done and I look forward to working with you to share more of God’s Word in 2022.

David Dodd
Colonel, US Army Retired

Author: Point 27