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Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line Shields of Strength

Point 27 honored Little Elm Police Officers and Firefighters with gifts of Thin Blue Line silver Shields of Strength for police and Thin Red Line Shields of Strength for firefighters.

For the surviving family members of fallen Detective Jerry Walker, Point 27 presented Folded Flag Pendant Necklaces inscribed with John 15:18, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

In the Public Safety Center foyer, facing a glass case displaying Walker’s photo, a folded flag and mementos honoring him, Little Elm Police Chief Rodney Harrison and Fire Chief Brian Roach received the gifts on behalf of their departments.

God’s Mercy, Comfort and Strength

A letter signed by U.S. Army (Ret.) Col. David Dodd, director of Point 27, to Harrison, read: “Thank you for your leadership, courage, and perseverance in the face of great adversity.  We pray for God’s mercy, comfort, and strength for you and the brave men and women you lead.

“We know the loss of one of your own, Detective Jerry Walker in the line of duty January 17, has taken its toll upon each member of your department and all the first responders that served alongside him.”

Police Chief Harrison expressed appreciation for the recognition and encouragement from Point 27, and the nonprofit’s remembrance of Walker’s sacrifice.

The Thin Blue Line dog tag necklaces are inscribed with the scripture Mathew 5:8 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.”

The Thin Red Line Shields of Strength are inscribed with Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Who shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!'”

Last summer, following the Dallas police shootings, Point 27 awarded Dallas Police Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength and honored the families of those fallen officers with Folded Flag Necklaces.

Strengthen and Encourage

Point 27 gives Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength Dog Tag necklaces to law enforcement men and women to strengthen and encourage them with God’s Word.  Likewise, Point 27 gives Thin Red Line Dog Tags to firefighters.  Point 27 vision is for all First Responders to have God’s Word around their necks to serve as physical reminders of God’s love and His promises.


If you would like to share God’s Word with First Responders, you can make a tax deductible gift to Point 27.   You can donate via check at Point 27, P.O. Box 4, Marietta, GA  30061, or make an online donation at

Thank you for your support.

David Dodd

Colonel, US Army Retired

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Purchase Any Shields of Strength Item, and 2 Law Enforcement Officers Will Receive a Thin Blue Line Dog Tag

Purchase Any Shields of Strength Item, and 2 Law Enforcement Officers Will Receive a Thin Blue Line Dog Tag

Law Enforcement Appreciation: Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength Show ‘God’s Word Matters’

BEAUMONT, Texas, Jan. 6, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength inscribed with scripture, custom-designed in response to requests from police officers, have caught the public eye as meaningful, distinctive gifts for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by secular and faith groups this January and year-round.

This month, the Christian jewelry company Shields of Strength partners with the nonprofit Point 27 to give two Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength dog tag necklaces to law enforcement officers for each Shield of Strength jewelry item of any kind purchased through January.

“Departments that have suffered 2016 line-of-duty deaths will be considered priority,” according to Shields of Strength founder Kenny Vaughan. “After a year of tragic police shootings, pierced with controversy and conflicts over whose lives matter, the scripture on each piece of jewelry shows that ‘God’s Word Matters’ in bringing peace and hope to the law enforcement and to all of us.”

In 2015, the company received requests from police officers to design an American Flag Thin Blue Line dog tag with the inscription from Matthew 5:9, ‘Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they will be called children of God,'”

Later, the Thin Blue Line Flag Cross design was added to the line, engraved with Proverbs 30:5, “Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

In 2016, following the police ambush killings in July, Point 27 awarded the Dallas Police and Baton Rouge Police Departments Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength for every sworn officer. 

According to Point 27 Director, U.S. Army (Ret.) Col. David Dodd, more than 22,500 of the Thin Blue Line pieces are being worn across the country.

Vaughan says, in 1998, he founded Shields of Strength, compelled to share the scriptures on dog tags that helped him overcome his fear and win the national water-ski jump championship in 1996. Vaughan’s company gave Dodd custom military Shields of Strength for the troops in his command before they deployed to Afghanistan following 9/11.

Dodd, after his military retirement, founded Point 27 with a mission to share God’s word on Shields of Strength with members of the military, veterans and first responders and others.


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On October 20, 2016 CrazyFitBros partnered with Point 27 and Shields of Strength for one simple mission: to share the Word of God with Veterans and thank them for their service. Nathan and Todd Tetreault are the founders of CrazyFitBros, brothers, Veterans, and servants of Jesus Christ.

Nathan and Todd Tetreault pray with Veterans

Nathan and Todd Tetreault pray with Veterans

Nathan and Todd reached out to Shields of Strength through the help of their friend and brother in Christ, James Ellis and Blake Bradley. That eventually put them in touch with Colonel David Dodd, US Army Retired who serves as the Executive Director of Point 27, a Non-Profit organization with a mission to share God’s Word with members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, Military Families, First Responders, Athletes, and people battling chronicle illness.   Point 27 graciously partnered up with the brothers to be apart of the 2nd Annual Los Angeles, California Veterans Administration Stand Down.  An event where Veterans are offered medical, dental, and legal support, hot meals, blankets, and many other services to help better their lives’. More information can be found at

Shields of Strength Necklaces for Veterans

Shields of Strength Necklaces for Veterans

Point 27 gave 800 Shields of Strength dog tags, engraved with scripture, for the Veterans.  The dog tags were presented by Todd and Nathan with a firm hand shake and a sincere “Thank you for your service” greeting.  Todd and Nathan both said, “everyone needs to know Jesus and know that He saves.” God was definitely on the move as several Veterans said that the Shields of Strength booth was the most talked about booth at the event. “All glory goes to God, said the brothers.” There were roughly 700 Veterans touched with the Word of God as they each received their dog tag gift.  Hands were laid, voices were lifted up in prayer, and love was shared as Veterans gathered to receive their dog tags and a simple “thank you for their service.”

It was a successful day. The brothers were grateful to be ready, available, and equipped to serve the Lord. “It was such a blessing to hear what God has done in the lives’ of so many of these Veterans,” said the brothers.   “The stories they shared about how Psalm 91:1-2 carried them through the Vietnam War were moving stories of inspiration and triumph.” Among hundreds of Veterans was a Purple Heart recipient Navy SEAL from the Persian Gulf War era that shared his experience; to include,  how he lost all his brothers in his team to the war and how God saved him.

Crazyftbros with Veterans, standing is 90 years old WWII Veteran LeRoy Eckels

Crazyftbros with Veterans, standing is 90 years              old WWII Veteran LeRoy Eckels

Unexpectedly, the brothers were asked if they wanted some help.  Little did they know it was going to be a WWII Veteran who volunteered his time to help at the booth. Ninety year old, LeRoy Eckels volunteered his time to serve the Lord and hand out Shields of Strength to Veterans. LeRoy is a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  LeRoy saw the blake Proverbs 27:17 Shields of Strength T-shirts and asked to help at the booth. “It was such a blessing to have LeRoy help us,” said the brothers. “To see Veterans of different eras come together and share their stories and more importantly, their love for Jesus Christ is what it’s all about.  It’s amazing what God does when we obediently listen and desire to serve Him.  All glory be to God.”

Special thanks goes out to Shields of Strength, David Dodd, Blake Bradley, James Ellis, Michale Johnson, LeRoy Eckles, and Clyph Jean-Phillipe.

Photos by Clyph Jean-Phillipe.


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Thin Blue Line Dog Tags Honor Baton Rouge Police Officers

BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — This week, a national water-ski jump champion from Texas and a retired Army colonel from Georgia partnered to honor the Baton Rouge law enforcement agencies that lost officers, and the families of the fallen, in the July 17 shooting in Baton Rouge.

The Georgia-based nonprofit, Point 27, sponsored the gift of 1,650 Thin Blue Line silver scripture-inscribed Shields of Strength to the Baton Rouge Police Department and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, October 18.

Heroic Baton Rouge Law Enforcement Officer Murdered

3 Baton Rouge Law Enforcement Officers Murdered While Protecting Others

Fold Flag Pendant Necklaces Honor Gold Star Families of Fallen Officers

Point 27 also gave Folded Flag Necklaces for the family members of the fallen officers and deputy.

Kenny Vaughan, founder of the Beaumont-based company Shields of Strength, made the presentation at the Baton Rouge Police Station on behalf of U.S. Army Col. (Ret.) David Dodd, director of Point 27.

The Thin Blue Line dog tags feature an American Flag on the front with one of the stripes a bright metallic blue line. The back of the dog tag is engraved with Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they will be called children of God.”

Thin Blue Line Dog Tag by Shields of Strength

Thin Blue Line Dog Tag Engraved with Matthew 5:9 by Shields of Strength

The Folded Flag Necklaces are engraved with John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Folded Flag Necklace Engraved with John 15:13 by Shields of Strength

Folded Flag Necklace Engraved with John 15:13 by Shields of Strength

Vaughan said his company designed the custom Thin Blue Line Shields of Strength in 2015. “We could have never imagined the attacks on police across the nation that would come in the months that have followed.”

In a letter, which Vaughan read Tuesday, Dodd thanked the Baton Rouge officers and deputies “for their leadership, courage and perseverance in the face of great adversity.”

Vaughan says, in 1996, his faith finally trumped his fear when he won the national water-ski jump championship. Later, he had the scriptures that were written on his ski-tow rope handles engraved on dog tags.

Shields of Stength and Point 27

He founded Shields of Strength in 1998.

Dodd commanded one of the first battalions deployed to Afghanistan following 9/11, equipping each of the soldiers in his command with a Shield of Strength. After his retirement, Dodd founded Point 27 with a mission to share God’s word with members of the military, veterans and first responders and others.

In August, Point 27 with Shields of Strength honored the Dallas Police Department and families of the fallen officers from the July 7 police shooting in Dallas.


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Casting a Vote is a civic responsibility, and I believe every member of the armed forces and every Veteran should consider voting to be a personal duty.

The oath we took when entering the military said, in part, “I … will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Voting is an act of supporting the Constitution, and it is a means for service members and veterans to perform their duty.

In the same oath, we pledged to obey the orders of the president of the United States. As the commander in chief, the president has the authority to commit U.S. forces to combat operations.

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and military families have a personal stake in the competence, judgment and character of the commander in chief, and voting is the proper vehicle to voice their opinion and choice for civilian leadership.

What’s at Stake

Selecting a commander in chief has far-reaching implications for troops, including rules of engagement, funding for military benefits, disposition of captured terrorists, characterization of terrorist attacks against military personnel, treatment of deserters, and personnel policies. It also includes roles for women in combat, homosexual and transgender policies, and more.

It is the commander in chief who nominates the secretary of defense, the secretaries of the military services, and other political appointees. It is through these appointees that the commander in chief’s policies are implemented across the Department of Defense.

Just as important are the commander in chief’s selections for other key government agencies, including the State Department, CIA, FBI, NSA, Supreme Court and Department of Veterans Affairs. Each of these organizations deeply and directly impacts the lives of troops and military families.

Federal, State, Local Elections

In addition to voting for a presidential candidate this November, 33 senators, 435 congressmen, plus state and local officials will be on the ballot. Each of these officials will have an impact on troops and their families.

Congress will approve the defense budget and VA funding. State and local officials govern schools, first responders and tax issues that directly impact military families.

Military personnel have a responsibility to make informed decisions when selecting men and women for public office.

Be an Informed Voter

John F. Kennedy said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”

The Army defines duty as, “Accept responsibility for your own actions and those entrusted to your care.”

Prior to voting, troops should educate themselves on the issues and the candidates. One valuable resource is GovTrack, a web-based tool that allows one to quickly see how incumbent congressmen and senators vote on issues such as VA funding, defense funding, funding for foreign aid, removal of sanctions against hostile governments, etc.

Register to Vote. It’s Easy

In order to vote, service members must register. It’s a very easy process. Simply complete the Federal Post Card Application using the FPCA online assistant, or pick up a hard-copy version from your Voting Assistance Officer or nearest U.S. Embassy or consular office.

Double-check that your contact information is accurate in case your election office needs to reach you.

‘A Vote Is Like a Rifle’

Theodore Roosevelt said, “A vote is like a rifle: Its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”

Members of the armed forces have exceptional character, and they adhere to time-honored codes of conduct and values, including duty, honor, integrity, loyalty, personal courage, respect and selfless service.

As we approach Election Day, it is essential for troops, veterans and their families to register to vote; become informed about their local, state and federal candidates; and educate their friends and family.

We all swore to support and defend the Constitution, and our oath has no expiration date. Do your duty and vote.

By:  David Dodd

Retired Army Col. David Dodd served more than 27 years in the military, including two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. He serves as the director of operations at Shields of Strength, and on the Board of Directors of Point 27 outreach to veterans, military families, first responders, athletes and the chronically ill.

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