Give Now

Give Now


Cash Gifts: Please make checks payable to Point 27. Mail checks to: PO Box 4, Marietta, GA 30061-0004

$20Team4 Soldiers
$50Squad10 Soldiers
$200Platoon40 Soldiers
$750Company150 Soldiers
$3000Battalion600 Soldiers

“For $5.00 a month, our gift strengthens the Army, one team at a time (NCO are the backbone of the Army)”

“We give to honor and thank Vietnam Veterans for their Service and Sacrifice”

“I give to strengthen and provide hope to those who are burdened by PTS, TBI, and suicidal thoughts”

“We give monthly to strengthen Wounded Warriors and Gold Star Family Members of Fallen Warriors”

Your tax deductible charitable contribution to Point 27 will provide strength, hope and courage to Soldiers, Veterans, and Military Family Members. There is no better way to defend America than to strengthen our military personnel with the power of God’s Word. For just $5.00, you will strengthen and encourage Soldiers, Veterans, and Military Families with a physical reminder of God’s Word. There are 2.3 million members of the Armed Forces, 22 million Veterans, and 2.4 million Gold Star Family Members of Fallen Warriors. How many will you strengthen with God’s Word?