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Help Bennett fight the Bad Guys

  • Bruce
police patches

I would like to invite you to help Bennett fight the “bad guys”

As Police Officers across this country are under constant scrutiny and increasing pressure from all sides, it is refreshing to find a young person that admires and loves “policemen”. Please let me introduce you to 6-year-old Bennett Sewell of Rockwall, Texas. Bennett has a unique love and admiration for Police Officers. He doesn’t hesitate to walk up to an officer in public and greet him/her and shake their hand. Bennett is constantly “arresting” his mother and father and his grandparents! He always says when he grows up, he wants to arrest the “bad guys”!

Well, the “Bad Guys” have invaded Bennett’s little 6-year-old body…. Lymphoma. Bennett is currently undergoing harsh chemo treatments at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Bennett loves to check the mail every day and has received some police patches from various police departments around the country. His attention has been refocused from the harsh chemo treatments on his body to “Hey Mommy, what did I get in the mail today?”

I would like to invite you to help Bennett fight the “bad guys” in his body by sending him a patch, a challenge coin, or an encouraging note from the officers in your agency. He loves receiving mail and asks his mother to read his letters and police books to him over and over. Please join me in helping this little crime fighter grow up and become a young man that stands on the “THIN BLUE LINE”. Together you and I can let Bennett know, “We Have Your 6”.

Bennett’s address is:
Bennett Sewell
1500 Melrose Lane
Rockwall, Texas 75032

Jerry M. Rhodes
Dallas Police Department, Retired
Point 27 National Law Enforcement Liaison

Author: Bruce