M.O.M. Gives Shields of Strength

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Ministering Our Military (M.O.M.)

M.O.M.,  a military support group in Mount Pleasant, Texas will include over a thousand Shields of Strength, which Point 27 gave for inclusion in care packages the support group will send across the world to soldiers who will be separated from their families over the holidays.

Prayer, Honor, Awareness

The M.O.M. organization is an outreach to the country’s military service men and women. The group has set a mission to provide care packages to military members deployed or stationed in the U.S. and overseas, and has stated a commitment for:

  • praying for the safety and well-being of military troops
  • bringing community awareness to the sacrifices they are making to preserve freedom
  • honoring Veterans for their military service.

Marine Mother

Kelly Cooper, Marine Mom in front of care packages

Kelly Cooper, Marine Mom and Director of M.O.M., loves to share Shields of Strength with her son and other Warriors

Kellye Cooper heads the East Texas M.O.M. group and spearheads the Mount Pleasant Carry The Load rallies.

Cooper’s son serves in the U.S. Marines.  

“As a small nonprofit, without Point 27 supporting M.O.M., we could never afford to give out the amount of Shield of Strength Dog Tags that we are giving to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. I honestly cannot put into words how this all makes me feel because I am truly overwhelmed at what Point 27 means for the Mission of MOM,” Cooper said.  “Sharing God’s Word with the men and women who are serving and sacrificing is the best Christmas gift we can give.”

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