May 19, 2019 Newsletter

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May 19, 2019

April was a dynamic month for Point 27, including these POINTS OF OUTREACH:


  • 1,000 Thin Red and Thin Blue Line dog tags to First Responders at FITCON, Salt Lake City.  Point 27 presented Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line dog tags to the Salt Lake City Police and Fire Departments, respectively, during the opening ceremony of the FITCON Sports Festival.  A total of 1,000 First Responders received God’s Word.
  • 2,200 Thin Blue Line tags were distributed among four metropolitan Kansas City Police Departments at the Christian Protectors Conference, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Strategos International, a Point 27 corporate sponsor, invited me to speak at the Christian Protectors Conference that they hosted in Kansas City. I shared my testimony, Point 27’s mission, and then I presented the 2,200 Thin Blue Line dog tags to four Kansas City Metropolitan area police departments.
  • Strategos also gave a generous donation and collected a substantial tithe for Point 27.  These financial gifts helped support the Kansas City outreach. God blessed abundantly.
  • A testimony of a given dog tag helping bring a discouraged military veteran to Christ in Kansas City.  God’s Word engraved on a simple piece of metal is powerful and life changing. Here is an email I received following the event in Kansas City.  This is why I give Shields of Strength dog tags to members of the Armed Forces, First Responders, and their family.


Col Dodd – I wanted to share a quick story with you that your dog tags, which you gave us are already yielding Godly Kingdom fruit! My son, Kyle, who you met you there at the conference had a couple of dog tags and when he sat down at the bar to eat dinner at a restaurant last night he overheard a gentleman in his mid-30’s that was seated close to him talking on the phone 

… Kyle knew based on the conversation that the man was either current or former military. In the conversation on the phone the gentleman seemed upset and depressed. When he got off the phone my son went up to him and asked him if he was former military. He then responded with, ‘Why do you ask?’ My son said, ‘Well, I work for a company that works with law enforcement and military and we just had a Christian Protectors Conference. Col. Dodd of Point 27 and General Boykin were there.’

My son told him, ‘If you would allow me, I would like to give you this dog tag.’ He gave it to the man and the person read it and told him to ‘Sit down and tell him more.’  

The man had heard of you and knew who Gen. Boykin was. To make a long story short, he was going through some tough times ‘trying to fit into society’ since he left the military. 

Before the 20-minute conversation ended, God used Kyle to lead this gentleman to Christ and he got his phone number so that the man can come to our office and meet the team. 

Amazing how God used your dog tag to not only lead a protector to Christ but also to provide an opportunity to get to know him better going forward. Praise God! 

-Vaughn Baker, Founding Partner and President of Strategos International

  • Also, while in Kansas I gave 1,000 custom 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) dog tags to Division Command Sergeant Major (CSM) (Kansas City) for his soldiers preparing for deployment.  CSM Bishop is a decorated US Army Ranger and served with Captain Russell Rippetoe.

CPT Rippetoe was the first Soldier killed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and interred in Arlington National Cemetery.  Russell was wearing a Shields of Strength dog tag engraved with Joshua 1:9 when he was killed by an improvised explosive device.  President George W. Bush spoke of CPT Rippetoe’s courage and faith during his 2003 Memorial Day address.  CPT Rippetoe’s government identification tags with his Shields of Strength dog tag is on display in the Smithsonian Museum.  God’s Word is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people visiting America’s famed museum in our nation’s capital.

Thank you for making May even more dynamic, including these POWERFUL OUTREACHES:


  • During National Police Week in Washington D.C. I am speaking at an event for surviving family members of Fallen Officers and I am presenting 4,000 necklaces engraved with scripture to them. 
  • For a National Memorial Day event, also in Washington D.C., we are giving scripture engraved necklaces to 2,500 family members of Fallen Soldiers.


  • Also, during Memorial Day ceremonies, I will visit Fort Bragg and give 1,000 custom 82nd Airborne Division Dog Tags for Paratroopers preparing to deploy, and Folded Flag Necklaces for Gold Star Families being recognized by United States Special Operations Command and the 82nd Airborne Division.

Know that your generous support provides hope and encouragement to these military police officers, and family members of the fallen, who have sacrificed dearly for the freedom we enjoy.  I continue to hear from soldiers, first responders and family members of the fallen expressing their appreciation.

Enclosed are two information cards.  Please share a card with someone who would like an opportunity to partner with Point 27.  Collectively, we continue to make an eternal difference.


David Dodd

Colonel US Army Retired

Director, Point 27


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