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Point 27 Hits a Homerun with Herb Doerflein

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Herb D

Point 27 Volunteer Herb Doerflein

“The Doerflein’s are the real-life version of the TV show Blue Bloods,” according to Point 27 Director US (Ret.) Col. David Dodd.  “As a Point 27 volunteer, he has given God’s Word on dog tags to thousands of first responders.”  A deep devotion to public service most certainly runs in the family of Point 27 volunteer Herb Doerflein.

Herb has dedicated the better part of 48 years–and counting–to law enforcement, beginning at the age of 18 when he joined the US Army and served as an MP (Military Police). After the military, he found himself drawn to law enforcement. He remembers a time when he was very young his father was mugged, robbed and badly beaten. Then, his father died when he was only eleven. Perhaps those circumstances played in to his career choice and, later in life, to the Point 27 volunteer commitment.

At any rate, after 27 years with the Hamilton County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office, Police Cpl. Doerflein “retired.” He had served in traffic safety, patrol and on an undercover task force with the FBI.  After a brief break from law enforcement, Herb joined the Colerain Township Police Department in Ohio where he served four years as a school safety officer. In May he moved from school security to cover environmental crimes (code enforcement) for the Colerain Township PD.

In 2018, Herb met US Army (Ret.) Col. David Dodd at the SHOT Show in Los Vegas. Dodd was manning a Shields of Strength / Point 27 product booth at the show. Herb remembers, “I went over to the booth and started talking with David, and I was so drawn to his heart and passion to get the Word of Christ out to public servants, firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, dispatchers….I said, ‘I’m in! What can I help you do?”

Herb D with daughterSince Point 27 had no outreach coordinator in Ohio at the time, Dodd says Herb was a natural for the post.  “I just stepped in to that.“ Herb says. “I know as clearly as anyone how important it is that public servants have people all over the country through Point 27 (who they may never know), praying for their safety. The dog tags help them know they are never alone; and if they see no one else that day, they know that the Lord Jesus Christ is with them.”

Herb’s family and friends embraced the Point 27 opportunity with him. Why wouldn’t they? Herb’s son is a lieutenant with the Colerain Township PD. His daughter serves as a 911 dispatcher for the city of Blue Ash, Ohio, his son-in law is also patrolman for Colerain Township PD, and his daughter-in-law works as an RN for a Cincinnati hospital.

“My wife Karen and I support Point 27 delivering dog tags and we donate financially and participate in a Point 27 prayer chain with the Dodd family,” Herb said.

Herb and his wife own a Christian book store in Cincinnati called Inner Blessings.  “We’ve been in business for going on 25 years,” Herb says.” We both have hearts for Christ. That’s why we have a Christian book store. We feel blessed to do it. It’s been our way for getting the Word out. Now with Point 27 we’ve added another way. And every day we feel we are being blessed by God in serving as His hands and feet.”  “I had always dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player,” Herb remembers. But today he follows another “Field of Dreams.” He wears a different kind of uniform. No baseball team lists his name on their lineup. His work has entailed a different kind of lineup. He’s discovered the real field of his dreams as boundless–in the Major League of public service and prayer; and (more recently), Point 27. Stepping up to this plate has never been seasonal service; always eternal.  And Herb makes it clear he’s never looked back—there’s way too much ahead of him still to do.

Article Written by Marcia Davis

Author: Point 27