April 15, 2019 Newsletter

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April 15, 2019 Newsletter

April 15, 2019

March was a deadly month for law enforcement officers with eight killed in the line of duty.  Following each of these deaths, we shared God’s Word with officers serving in each of these police departments and with family members of the Fallen Officers. Tragedy often opens hearts and minds to receive the love, hope, redemption, and salvation God desires for each of us.  Through loss, pain, and suffering, people seek truth and meaning. God’s Word is truth and contains the meaning of life, both natural life and eternal life. Sharing God’s Word with a child, widow, mother, and fellow officer of a Fallen Officer is the most loving helpful thing I know to do.  God’s Word provides hope and assurance of eternal life. It comforts, strengthens, and encourages like nothing else can. Your generous gifts provide God’s Word on a keepsake necklace to family and friends of these Fallen Officers. These necklaces will be cherished for generations to come and God’s Word will not return void.

In March, I visited the Fort Worth Police Department and presented them 1,700 Thin Blue Line Dog Tags engraved with “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”  I shared my testimony and the Gospel with the Chief of Police and his senior leaders. The chief looked me in the eye, shook hands, and said, “I will ensure a Dog Tag is offered to each officer.

I presented 300 Thin Blue Line Tags to the Killeen Texas Police Department at a ceremony with 100 of their officers.  I shared the Gospel with them and shared how I witnessed God’s Word on a simple Dog Tag change lives of Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq and it will do the same for these officers.

In addition to meeting with the Fort Worth and Killeen Police Departments, I spent a weekend with 300 Gold Star Family Members at a Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) event hosted at Fort Hood, TX.  Point 27 gave Angel Wing Necklaces engraved with Psalm 91:11 to the females and Folded Flag Necklaces engraved with John 15:13 to the males. I attended the training to become a Peer Mentor for senior leaders who experience a death in their organizations.  The training was good, and it reinforced my belief that God’s Word is essential for healing following trauma, loss, and death. Each person left the event with God’s Word.

While at Fort Hood, I presented 1,000 custom made 1st Cavalry Division Dog Tags to the 1st Cavalry Division Chaplain.  The tags are going to Soldiers preparing for deployment. I can attest to the power of wearing God’s Word around my neck in combat.  It strengthened and encouraged me and reminded me that I was not alone. God was with me wherever I went and He will be with these Soldiers.

In May, we are supporting National Police Week in Washington DC.  I am speaking at a Concern of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) event and we are presenting necklaces to 4,000 family members of Fallen Officers.  The value of this gift is $175,240. We are supporting a TAPS Memorial Day Event and giving necklaces to 1,500 Gold Star Family members with a value of $94,500.  Your generous support will provide God’s Word to these people whose Soldier or Police Officer was killed while protecting your freedom.

You should feel so good about giving to Point 27.  You are making an eternal difference.


David Dodd

Colonel US Army Retired

Director, Point 27



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