Request Dog Tag Donations

Point 27 donates Dog Tags and Folded Flag Necklaces.

To request Dog Tags for First Responders or Members of the Armed Forces and/or Folded Flag Necklaces for family members of Fallen First Responders or Fallen Soldiers, just complete the online request form below.  Donation requests are reviewed within 3 business days of submission, and Dog Tags and/or Folded Flag Necklaces are shipped within 1 business day of approval.

If you would like to purchase Dog Tags or Folded Flag Necklaces, list the items and quantity you want in the “Purpose of Request” section. We will contact you within 3 business days for discounted price and payment options.


Request Dog Tags
Example: I am requesting Dog Tags for my military squad, platoon, troop, company, etc. I am requesting Dog Tags for my Police Department, Fire Department, etc.
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