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Using the Word of God to Fight Sex Trafficking

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Using the Word of God to Fight Sex Trafficking

“Nadia Porter is courageously fighting against the evil of sex trafficking with a nonprofit named ‘Finding Jasper’.  She gives

Sex Worker wearing an Angel Necklace
Sex Worker wearing an Angel Necklace from Point 27

hope to the hopeless,” According to Point 27 Director US Army (Ret.) Col. David Dodd.  “She shares Shields of Strength necklaces with victims. I believe every American should know her story.”

Nadia says, “It’s truly an honor to share with others how I’ve had a front row seat to see the Father work and move in the sex trade. “

Last year, Point 27 partnered with Finding Jasper, and two other Non-Profit organizations who help women and children trapped in sex trade, sending gifts of dog tags and Angel Wing and Heart Necklaces—all engraved with God’s Word–for 1,435 at-risk youth, women and girls living in or rescued from human trafficking.

“The typical response to the gifts is shock and tears. Many times it’s the first gift they’ve ever received with no strings attached,“ Nadia tells us.

What is your story, Nadia?
“I’ve been working in counter-trafficking for about 15 years. It started with teaching trauma-informed fitness and stretch classes at a local safe home for girls when I lived in Chicago. One of the ladies wanted to get word to her friend who was still working the streets, that the program she was in, was working and she didn’t plan to go back to the ‘game’. I took a note to her friend on the street where she was working and continued to go directly to the sex trade to engage the
women and children working and the men buying and selling.

“We simply go to where they’re working to build relationship. We also engage with their children if they’re present (many times they are) and also the men and women that are selling them. Out of relationship and a place of love, we offer another way if they are ready to step into it.

“We have teams in various areas of the country. I am personally located between Milwaukee,
Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago.”

What are the conditions in which you find these victims?
“They are subject to the weather– most of the time wearing very little clothing. They can be sweltering in the heat or freezing in the cold. Sometimes they are somewhat hidden and other times they are standing on a street corner with their trafficker parked to display the victim’s silhouette against his vehicle’s high beams.

“Their experience is that they are property to be bought and sold, not a human to be respected. The ladies typically experience brutality in multiple ways–whether they are working for a street level pimp, being forced to dance at the local club or working as a high-end escort.

“Regardless of their physical surroundings, the conditions their minds, emotions and hearts experience on a daily basis are nothing short of hopeless.

“That is why the mission of Finding Jasper is to offer hope and freedom to the darkest places of
the sex trade.”

How did you connect with Point 27?

“I got connected with David through an online prayer group that originated at Shot Show through a mutual friend.”

From the Finding Jasper website, Jessica, a victim, describes her life.

“…Most times I feel invisible. As I stand on the street corner with my pimp watching me from down the block, I feel nothing. I guess you can only feel hopeless for so long until it all fades away and you simply feel numb. I wasn’t always like this. I was a good kid… and my boyfriend seemed like a good guy. Reflecting on the past two years, I cannot tell you how I got here. All I know is that my boyfriend is not who I thought he was, I no longer recognize myself and there must be something more than this. Of all the cars that drive by me every day – can anyone see me?

“In an instant everything changes. A car pulls up, two women get out and I feel hesitant, exposed and uncomfortable as they approach me.

“But their smiles draw me in. I look back at my trafficker-boyfriend and give him a nod letting him know I need a minute and step toward these women to ask what they’re looking for. Surprised by their authenticity and lack of judgment, these women meet me where I’m at. No pretense. No games. They seem to genuinely want to know about my situation and how they can make it better.

“I find I cannot help but want to talk with them more, and I know my boyfriend will not approve of any more wasted time. I push them away even though I don’t want to. I tell them they must go, and I work to flag down the next passing vehicle to appease the watchful eye down the block.”

The story has a happy ending. Jessica contacted Finding Jasper the day after her encounter. She asked if we could help her leave her trafficker to begin a new life. Finding Jasper was able to rescue Jessica from human trafficking and relocate her to a safe home. There she was able to begin her healing journey to freedom.

Finding Jasper worked with local authorities to build a case against her trafficker which resulted
in his arrest. Sex trafficking is real, and often in plain sight. Statistics show sex trafficking impacts every age and demographic, and it thrives in America.

Reports show that human trafficking is filled with unspeakable horrors, violence and exploitation. According to a US State Department report: an estimated $150 billion worldwide is made annually from human trafficking; and there are 25 million victims of human trafficking worldwide.

By Marcia Davis

Author: Point 27